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SAV in Brussels

In October 2016 I decided to hang out in Brussels for a month. This turned out to be a brilliant idea since during last autumn Brussels suddenly filled up with hilariously inappropriate street art. This was truly inspiring especially since the City of Brussels decided to let the penis stay. Hurraa! 

In addition to genitals Brussels is also filled with highly skilled street artists. It is Europe's capital of comics which naturally plays a very central role also in street art. In general street art in Brussels is abundant, funny and respected. 

I had the pleasure to meet some of the artists from Farm Prod Collective. What a merry lot! Alexis from the collective took me painting in an interesting semi-legal park just outside the center. Let's just say that our collaboration with spray cans was more a tutorial (I'm a total beginner with cans!) but since I found an art store and got my backpack filled with acrylic paints and brushes I spent a wonderful Friday painting this little fellow there.


Next week I got an invitation to paint a wall in the garden of a private house. The family has three children so they hoped that the painting would have lots of animals in it for the kids to find and recognize. Why not. Even in Brussels the end of October starts to be a bit chilly so I got to paint in a very Finnish atmosphere with my woollen hat, three sweaters and a red nose.


I apologize for the bad quality of this picture but at the moment it's all I have. 

After all this painting I still felt an urge to do something creative on my so called vacation. That led to me contacting the Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux in the heart of Brussels. This little haven for Finns in a big city welcomed me with open arms to paint a new wall painting for their office. I was more than happy to speak a little Finnish, talk about the absence of rye bread and share my belgian experience with these lovely people. As a result of my "office residency" I painted this series of four paintings called "Same same but different".


I sincerely recommend Brussels for any street art enthusiast. Oh and don't forget about the chocolate. Yes, it's really that good.

Essi / SAV

Essi Ruuskanen