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Artists 2017

Seinähullu Vantaa

Seinähullu = lit. wall insane, meaning totally insane
VANTAA = a city next to Helsinki, homeplace of Street Art Vantaa & art museum Artsi

Seinähullu Vantaa is a project that aims to increase the amount and quality of Finnish mural art. That's why we at Street Art Vantaa and Vantaa Art Museum Artsi are inviting five international mural artists curated with Street Art Today to Vantaa. The international artists will paint five large murals, but that's not all – they will also share their professional knowhow with five Finnish artists we've chosen on an open call during last spring.

Project is made possible by Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Artists 2017

Pipsqueak was here!!!

Painting schedule: 27th July – 10th August
Location: Hepokuja 4, Hakunila / Vantaa, Finland




Painting schedule: 29th July – 6th August
Location: Laajaniitynkuja 5, Martinlaakso / Vantaa, Finland

Mr. June

Painting schedule: 8th – 25th August
Location: Hiirakkotie 1, Hakunila / Vantaa, Finland



Painting schedule: 15th – 24th August
Location: Virtakuja 2, Myyrmäki / Vantaa, Finland


Pso Man

Painting schedule: 22th – 27th August
Location: Kivikirveenkuja 4, Myyrmäki / Vantaa, Finland